Trade Internalisation

Trade Accounting for trades internally matched.

How it works


Several Industry ISV's offer "Internalisation". TT calls this Position Transfer, Stellar calls it "PEM" (Pre-Exchange Match). These are trades that can be internalised within the Trading Operation and don't match at the Exchange hence they do not flow to the Clearer as well. This can save hundred and thousands of dollars in Exchange Fees and Clearing Fees.

The Problem

If the trades don't flow to the Exchange and to your Clearer the problem is how do you account for that trade to your Clients or Traders?


Clearisk's, FCM agnostic, trade processing solution will capture both Exchange AND non Exchange trades, aka the "Internalised" trades, and book them to your Client or Trader's account. Saving your company the outflow of Exchange Fees. With our full reconciliation modules there is 100% accuracy and confidence.

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