Market Data Entitlement System

Automation and Insight on Exchange Market Data Fees

Streamline Market Data management, improve efficiency, reduce errors and decrease costs.

Dramatic reduction in time on administration tasks and tracking.

Transparency of usage and "left on" incidents.

Full Transparency to the Client and Managers in the chain from Risk to IT Support.

Out-of-the-box end to end work flow for everything related to Market Data.


Client Profiling

  • Exchange Profile - Retail / Professional
  • ISV¬†Platform dependency
  • Funds on Deposit


  • Balance Check
  • Clash Checks


  • Automatic / Rule Based
  • Manual

Enable/ Disable

  • Direct automation to ISV's


  • One time upon enablement
  • Automated Monthly Recurring


  • Payment Reconciliation against ISV
  • Usage Reconciliation


  • Alert notifications by email / slack / portal
  • Monthly Usage Reports
  • Analytics against trading volume

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