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Exchange Market Data Entitlement System

Automation and Insight on Exchange Market Data Fees

Out-of-the-box end to end work flow for everything Market Data.

Request - Approve - Enable - Post- Reconcile - Report


ReBuild: January 2022

Client Life Cycle Management

As part of our continuous tech review and keeping up with the latest security we have rebuilt our Client Life Cycle Solution

This will produce a high degree of efficiency and enhancement in every aspect of the Client Experience

Features now cover
• Fully Digitised Client Onboarding for Individuals and Corporates
• Self service Client Portal
• Flexible Content Management
• AML / KYC / Experience field management
• AML / KYC /Experience Scoring
• Score Versioning
• CDD / SDD / EDD Management
• Integrated Legal Documentation / Terms and Agreement Functionality
• Legal Terms Versioning
• Client Document Management
• Client Document Expiry / Renewal Alerts / Escalations
• Event Triggers - Emails/Files/API/CRM
• Client Management Workflow Team Lanes / Assignments
• Country Risk Management
• Regulatory Reporting Identification Priorities
• Banking SSI Management
• Multi Factor Client AuthenticationO

Integrations for Efficiency

Maker Checker Approval Flow

Giving Back

Beyond our world

6 years and beyond of Sharing our success with our Community

This year marks our 6th year of support of the Bal Asha Trust, a charitable organization that helps abandoned and marginalized children in the busy city of Mumbai.

They had a remarkable year of accomplishments in 2019.

Clearisk have raised their monthly contributions by 20% during this most difficult period.


New Feature: January 2021

Integrations: Front Office

As part of our book of Automation capabilities - Clearisk has integrated with CQG Setups and Market Data.

This will produce a high degree of efficiency from onboarding to front office user creation.

Also aims to solve the vast possibilities of Exchange Market Data Enablements with Billing.

• Single Click Front office Trader Creation
• Maker/Checker Approval Flow/ Balance Check
• Clearisk Client Portal to Exchange Market Data Enablements
• Billing trigger for recurring debit to Client Account

Integrations for Efficiency

Exchange Market Data Enablements

Maker Checker Approval Flow

New Business

FCM Partnership

Exchange and "Off-Exchange" Solution

Clearisk, in partnership with a leading Global Futures & Options FCM, have onboarded their pilot customer to book both their Exchange and "Off- Exchange" Future & Option trades also known as "Internalised trades". (TT Position Transfer, Stellar PEM Trades)

The blending of both these types of trades by Clearisk produces a single view statement of their activity, PnL and positions while saving the FCM's Client significant costs in Exchange Market Fees.

• 2 week onboarding time - start to finish
• 100+ Active Accounts
• 7000 lines of trades daily (volume of approximately 200,000 lots a day)
• Complete Processing with Reconciliation in 10 to 15 minutes
• 50 Active Contracts - both Futures and Options
• 200 combinations of Fee and Commission Schedule
• Covering all Trade Actions: New Trades, Delivery/Expiry, Exercise, Assignment, Busts.

Active traders

2 weeks
go live

lines of daily trades

Inside Clearisk

Covid19: Work from Home and New Hires!

Challenges and Thankfulness

Spread across 3 countries - Singapore, India and Indonesia, the Clearisk team have coped well in the new world we are in today. Despite the challenges of crying kids, internet outages and remote technologies, we are still delivering to our clients without disruption.

Thankful to our team - for their hard work and persistence.

Thankful to our Clients - for their support and understanding. Along with their continued business.

We also welcome 7 new recruits in the past year:
• 2 Software Engineers - API's and Integrations
• Senior Software Engineer - Over 5 years of experience in realtime data    technology spearheading revamps in UI & Architecture.
• Senior Testing/QA - 7 years of Software Testing
• Senior Devops - Management of Cloud/Security
• General Manager - 6 years of Management and Operations
• Design Intern - UX/UI

Remote Collaboration

Team Expansion

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